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Handbook for Waldorf School Trustees, Leading with Spirit2023/09/112023-09-11 09:16:50
Navigating Leadership Transitions, a compilation of guidelines from LWS2023/08/102023-08-10 13:39:18
Deepening Our Work Together, K Jefferson2023/01/122023-01-12 15:20:13
Returning to a Renewed Community Life in Our Schools – Lisa Mahar2022/05/142022-05-14 12:51:31
Finding Strength in Spirit: Growing Hope2022/03/302022-03-30 07:02:51
Summer 2020 Leadership Training Course West Coast2020/05/222020-05-22 21:53:33
Summer 2020 Leadership Training Course East Coast2020/05/222020-05-22 21:47:11
When In Wilderness: Applying wilderness wisdom to navigating the current pandemic2020/05/112020-05-11 19:51:14
Working Together Digitally and Staying Whole2020/05/112020-05-11 19:45:46
All Resources2020/01/102020-01-10 22:23:26
Love, Power and Wisdom2019/06/072019-06-07 21:20:35
The Art of Facilitation Newsletter, Intro2019/05/132019-05-13 22:06:21
Love and its Meaning in the World, A lecture by Rudolf Steiner, Dec 19122019/03/182019-03-18 23:10:42
The Threefold Social Organism and Collaborative Leadership, a lecture by Jessica Ziegler2019/02/082019-02-08 07:37:43
Between Our Demons and Our Gods: Human Encounter in the Light of Anthroposophy – Elan Leibner2019/02/082019-02-08 06:37:06
Institutions of the Spiritual Life, B. Lievegoed2018/07/052018-07-05 11:26:02
New Impulses in Waldorf School Administration, Leadership and Governance, M Soule and M Stewart2018/04/252018-04-25 23:01:33
Highlight 2, 8-25-2014 The Phases of Development in Spiritual Organizations2018/03/302018-03-30 17:10:34
Highlight #18 Leading With Spirit Administrative Training Summer 20162016/02/042016-02-04 12:59:32
Highlight 17, Enlivening Spaces2016/02/042016-02-04 12:57:02
A New Image of Waldorf School Organization – M Soule2016/01/172016-01-17 04:37:16
Where the Spirit Leads – the Evolution of Waldorf School Administration2016/01/172016-01-17 04:30:36
Management and Governance – Dianna Bell2015/07/102015-07-10 05:39:18
Good Governance Checklist from CWP2015/07/092015-07-09 23:33:36
Policy Governance Introduction by John and Miriam Carver2015/07/092015-07-09 18:02:11
Renewing Governance2015/07/092015-07-09 07:44:39
Understanding Governance by Michael Soule2015/07/092015-07-09 06:48:58
Governance Models, An Essay by Nathan Garber with Reflections by Michael Soule2015/07/092015-07-09 05:07:31
Self Administration and Governance in Waldorf Schools, Chris Schaefer2015/07/092015-07-09 04:09:42
Personal Reflections on Waldorf School Governance and Effective Practices, Lynn Kern2015/07/092015-07-09 03:33:55
Identity and Governance, An essay by Jon McAlice2015/07/092015-07-09 02:57:40
More Governance Resources2015/07/092015-07-09 01:12:34
Enlivening Spaces by Michael Soule2015/07/082015-07-08 23:42:08
Holocracy: A new model for collaborative organization2015/07/042015-07-04 19:31:19
School as Living Entity, ebook by Rea Gill2015/07/042015-07-04 06:35:32
Principles of a Learning Organization, Five Disciplines, Senge2015/07/042015-07-04 06:31:57
Basic Principles of a Living Organization, by Rea Gill2015/07/042015-07-04 06:21:15
Leading with Spirit Summer Leadership Workshops 20172015/06/022015-06-02 03:49:55
Chaos in Life: Cleaning and Caring by Linda Thomas2015/05/202015-05-20 05:19:45
Redefining Accountability and Transparency: LeadTogether Highlight #15 3-15-152015/04/192015-04-19 20:05:20
Exploring Accountability: An Introduction2015/03/262015-03-26 03:28:14
Accountability, the Individual and Integrity2015/03/242015-03-24 22:08:42
Six Principles for Building Accountability and Agreements in an Organization, Michael Soule2015/03/242015-03-24 22:08:00
Managing Horizontal Accountability, Ray and Elder, IPC2015/03/242015-03-24 22:07:14
Organizational Accountability: One World Trust and GAP2015/03/242015-03-24 21:57:43
Faithfulness by Rudolf Steiner2015/03/182015-03-18 01:21:22
Performance Management2015/03/152015-03-15 03:53:45
The Art of Handling Complaints: LeadTogether Highlight #14 1-20-152015/01/202015-01-20 05:37:27
The Art of Being A Mentor by M Soule2015/01/202015-01-20 05:11:03
Mentoring: From Observation to Conversation by Holly Koteen Soule from NW Mentorship Seminar2015/01/202015-01-20 05:10:47
Five Strategies for Mentors, from Working Wisdom by Robert Aubrey2015/01/202015-01-20 05:09:57
Goethean Observation: Two Articles by Craig Holdrege2015/01/202015-01-20 05:08:57
More Mentoring Resources 22015/01/202015-01-20 05:07:13
“Light in the Soul“ from More Precious Than Light by Margreet Van Den Brink2015/01/172015-01-17 19:13:20
Mentoring and Coaching: 25 differences2015/01/162015-01-16 05:15:15
Complaints: LeadTogether Highlight #14, 1-13-152015/01/132015-01-13 06:23:31
Complaint Assessment Checklist from One World Trust2015/01/132015-01-13 06:21:03
The Art of Fruitful Conversation, Griset and Raymond, WECAN2015/01/112015-01-11 07:28:49
Mentor in Greek Mythology2014/12/092014-12-09 05:41:50
Mentoring: Key Aspects for a Successful School Mentoring Program2014/12/092014-12-09 05:30:38
Mentoring an Untrained Teacher2014/12/092014-12-09 05:20:13
Mentoring in Waldorf Early Childhood Education, WECAN2014/12/012014-12-01 16:38:34
Working Together: An Introduction to Pedagogical Mentoring2014/12/012014-12-01 16:03:49
Alignment: LeadTogether Highlight #12 11-24-142014/12/012014-12-01 06:29:39
Positivity: LeadTogether Highlight #13 12-1-142014/12/012014-12-01 06:22:33
Appreciative Inquiry, an introduction2014/12/012014-12-01 06:10:04
The Six Basic Exercises for Esoteric Development by Rudolf Steiner2014/12/012014-12-01 06:06:10
Transitions Handbook for New Teachers, short form, Teacher Education Network, AWSNA2014/11/302014-11-30 00:14:54
Transitions Handbook for New Teachers, Teacher Education Network, AWSNA2014/11/302014-11-30 00:04:47
Mentor Qualifications and Scheduling, AWSNA Effective Practices2014/11/292014-11-29 23:54:58
Evaluations and Mentoring, ASWNA Effective Practices2014/11/292014-11-29 23:09:39
The Mentoring Program, AWSNA Effective Practices2014/11/292014-11-29 22:48:37
School Mentoring Program Assessment Form, Sound Circle Mentoring Seminar 20082014/11/292014-11-29 22:31:25
Mentoring a New Teacher from Transitions Handbook, Teacher Education Network, AWSNA2014/11/292014-11-29 22:27:34
Mentoring and Evaluating Terms: Definitions and Clarifications, D Gerwin, M Soule AWSNA2014/11/292014-11-29 22:22:20
Mentoring: Oversight and Review of the Mentoring Program, AWSNA Effective Practices2014/11/292014-11-29 22:19:20
Alignment and Orientation: LeadTogether Highlight #12 11-24-142014/11/242014-11-24 21:06:35
More Mentoring Resources2014/11/112014-11-11 21:43:28
Waldorf in China by Ian Johnson, The New Yorker2014/11/062014-11-06 13:48:56
A Note from China – LeadTogether Highlight #11, 11/5/142014/11/062014-11-06 12:15:18
Forming a Spiritual Organ in a School: LeadTogether Highlight #10, 10-27-142014/10/262014-10-26 15:41:28
The Virtue of Each One: LeadTogether Highlight #9 10-20-142014/10/202014-10-20 04:22:52
Supporting Conscious Development: LeadTogether Highlight #8 10-13-142014/10/132014-10-13 06:11:19
AUTONOMY, ACCOUNTABILTY AND INTENTION: Publicly Funded Charter Schools Using Waldorf Curriculum and Methods by: George Hoffecker2014/10/132014-10-13 02:12:28
Engaged Community: A new book by Jon McAlice2014/10/092014-10-09 04:26:47
Leadership and Self Administration: LeadTogether Highlight #7 10-6-142014/10/062014-10-06 02:27:38
Leadership and Self Administration: Michael Harslem2014/10/062014-10-06 02:18:23
Resource List2014/09/272014-09-27 13:26:25
The Call of Michaelmas – LeadTogether #6, 9-21-142014/09/222014-09-22 04:59:06
Healthy Communications in a Young School2014/09/202014-09-20 03:54:15
Healthy Conversation, Communication and Agreements2014/09/192014-09-19 17:50:48
Group Moral Artistry, The Art of Goethean Conversation2014/09/192014-09-19 17:42:41
Communication by Connie Starzinski, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/09/182014-09-18 23:36:58
Feedback that Works2014/09/182014-09-18 17:45:40
Meeting Each Other: The Human Encounter, a lecture by Heinz Zimmerman2014/09/172014-09-17 03:12:47
Speaking, Listening and Understanding by Heinz Zimmerman2014/09/172014-09-17 02:56:40
Non-Violent Communication: An Instruction Guide2014/09/162014-09-16 13:35:06
A Sample Community Covenant2014/09/162014-09-16 13:27:45
Personal Readiness for Collaboration2014/09/162014-09-16 13:20:43
The Art of the Apology2014/09/162014-09-16 04:58:32
Feedback that Works2014/09/162014-09-16 04:56:09
Healthy Conversation, Communication and Agreements: More Resources2014/09/152014-09-15 03:57:14
Remembering Marjorie Spock: LeadTogether Highlight #5, 9-15-142014/09/142014-09-14 17:09:09
Marjorie Spock: Eurythmy, Biodynamics, Waldorf Education, Anthroposophy2014/09/142014-09-14 16:39:46
New Meeting Forms: LeadTogether Highlight #3 9-1-20142014/09/012014-09-01 03:05:59
New Meeting Forms: Open Space and World Cafe2014/09/012014-09-01 03:04:06
Building Regenerative Communities: Strength in Collaboration2014/08/292014-08-29 01:30:16
How Spiritual Organizations Develop – LeadTogether Highlight #4 9-8-142014/08/242014-08-24 22:51:16
LeadTogether Highlight #2 8-25-14, Core Principles of Waldorf Education2014/08/242014-08-24 22:20:14
Core Principles of Waldorf Education from the PSC, 20142014/08/242014-08-24 22:15:07
Highlights: an Introduction Aug 18, 20142014/08/182014-08-18 04:14:12
Sustainability: Associative Economics2014/08/142014-08-14 03:44:39
The Basics of Consensus Decision-Making by Tim Hartnett, PhD2014/08/142014-08-14 03:36:45
Creating Effective Board Agendas by Judith Lindenau, JWL Associates2014/08/112014-08-11 05:11:52
Meeting2014/08/112014-08-11 04:53:56
Working Together to Improve Meetings2014/08/112014-08-11 01:41:31
The Art of Planning and Preparing for Meetings2014/08/102014-08-10 10:35:03
The Art of Creating an Agenda2014/08/102014-08-10 09:20:57
Working Together2014/08/102014-08-10 08:28:27
The Artistic Meeting: Creating Space for Spirit2014/08/102014-08-10 07:21:34
More Resources for Creating Effective Meetings2014/08/102014-08-10 06:44:35
Using Consensus to Enlighten, Not Limit, Decision Making2014/06/302014-06-30 04:22:57
Making Good Decisions2014/06/302014-06-30 04:21:42
On The Use of Consensus, Committees and Mandates 2014/06/302014-06-30 04:20:31
Affirming decisions 2014/06/302014-06-30 04:19:20
More resources for Consensus Decision Making2014/06/302014-06-30 04:17:32
Leadership and Self Administration, Michael Harslem2014/06/292014-06-29 23:20:52
A SHORT GUIDE TO CONSENSUS BUILDING, the Public Disputes Program, Harvard2014/06/292014-06-29 23:10:28
Consensus – Simple Steps Handout2014/06/292014-06-29 23:08:02
Consensus Summary, Seeds of Change2014/06/292014-06-29 23:06:17
Consensus Briefing, Seeds of Change2014/06/292014-06-29 23:04:06
On Conflict and Consensus, by LT Butler and Amy Rothstein2014/06/292014-06-29 22:58:22
Training Opportunities for Waldorf School Organization and Leadership: Summer 20142014/05/162014-05-16 19:42:59
Learning in Organizations – theory and practice2014/05/152014-05-15 19:40:17
Sociocracy, a creative approach to organizational development2014/05/152014-05-15 18:41:30
Theory U: two views on the work of Otto Scharmer2014/05/152014-05-15 18:27:34
Organizations as Living Organisms by Magda Lissau2014/05/152014-05-15 17:33:52
The Living and Learning Organization – May Focus2014/05/152014-05-15 06:43:25
Basic Principles of a Living Organization2014/05/152014-05-15 06:18:34
Phases of School Development2014/05/152014-05-15 06:10:58
School as a living Entity : Emerging Hypothesis2014/05/152014-05-15 06:08:10
Organizational Integrity2014/05/152014-05-15 06:06:11
Other Resources on Living Organizations2014/05/152014-05-15 06:04:38
Seven Keys to Sustainability, full version2014/04/172014-04-17 06:10:18
Sustainability2014/04/082014-04-08 02:43:55
Seven Keys to Sustainability2014/04/082014-04-08 02:42:59
Sustainability Resources2014/04/072014-04-07 23:29:17
Intimations of a New Economic Story, John Bloom2014/04/072014-04-07 21:21:36
Creative Approaches to Tuition: The Free Education Group at Michael Hall in England, 1977-802014/04/072014-04-07 20:20:16
Sustainability: History of Funding for Waldorf Schools2014/04/072014-04-07 20:17:09
Waldorf Tuition: Gift or Investment or Something In Between?2014/04/072014-04-07 19:43:17
Funding for Australian Steiner Schools: Benefits, Challenges and Lessons of Government Support2014/04/072014-04-07 19:40:47
The Free Education Group at Michael Hall School in England : 1977-802014/04/072014-04-07 19:38:11
Centre for Associative Economics, UK2014/04/072014-04-07 19:13:14
Sustainability: Enrollment and Fundraising2014/04/072014-04-07 05:01:34
Fundraising 101, AWSNA2014/04/072014-04-07 05:00:41
Independent Schools and School Choice 2009, Gary Lamb, AWSNA2014/04/072014-04-07 04:44:02
Sustainability: School Finances and School Choice2014/04/072014-04-07 04:42:20
Sustainability: Rethinking Tuition2014/04/072014-04-07 04:14:15
The Genius of Money, a book by John Bloom2014/04/072014-04-07 03:40:05
Creative Approaches to Tuition: Accessible to All Tuition, a review by Beth Henderson2014/04/042014-04-04 22:30:11
Sustainability: Government Funding2014/04/042014-04-04 20:09:20
How to Run a Waldorf School: Notes from a Conference in UK2014/04/012014-04-01 02:29:53
Creative Approaches to Tuition: Accessible to All Tuition Model2014/03/312014-03-31 19:58:47
Funding Education: A review of Freeing the Circling Stars by Christopher Houghton Budd (review by Arthur Edwards)2014/03/312014-03-31 19:21:52
Creative Approach to Tuition: Three Tiered Model at Brooklyn Waldorf School2014/03/312014-03-31 18:40:39
Associative Economics by Gary Lamb, AWSNA2014/03/312014-03-31 18:32:07
Underlying Themes in the Economics of Waldorf Schools, Werner Glas2014/03/292014-03-29 02:41:27
Parent Associations, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/02/052014-02-05 09:25:27
Welcome Orientation2014/02/042014-02-04 17:57:52
Communications Flow for Increasing Enrollment, from NAIS Independent Educator2014/02/032014-02-03 23:56:04
Preparing for Crisis Communications, from NAIS2014/02/032014-02-03 23:31:32
9 Steps to Stronger Board Performance, from Associations NOW2014/02/032014-02-03 23:14:19
Global Trends Affecting the Capacity for Organizations (including Waldorf schools) to practice collaboration2014/01/272014-01-27 23:02:20
A Guide to Full Enrollment, Siegfried Finser2014/01/262014-01-26 04:41:17
Forming School Communities, The Renewal of the Social Organism, M Karutz, AWSNA2014/01/252014-01-25 22:22:17
Empowerment in Organizations: The Theory and Practice of a Mandate System, C Pieterse2014/01/242014-01-24 18:06:41
The Mandate System, C Pieterse from Administrative Explorations, AWSNA2014/01/242014-01-24 18:02:49
Starting a School, A Summary of Suggestions from AWSNA2014/01/242014-01-24 17:47:25
Meeting the Financial Crisis, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:36:06
Healthy Organizational Practices, WECAN2014/01/232014-01-23 22:30:54
WECAN Resources for EC2014/01/232014-01-23 22:27:48
Governance, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:21:57
Mentoring and Professional Development, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:15:18
Pedagogy, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:12:58
Pedagogical Operations, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:11:01
School Operations, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:07:11
Community Life, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:05:29
Finances, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:03:25
Working With Parents, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 22:01:12
Report Writing and Documentation, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 21:59:13
Long-Range And Strategic Planning, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 21:07:35
Enrollment, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 21:04:47
Human Relations, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 20:59:32
Development, Effective Practices, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 20:51:09
Lessons from Jazz Bands and the New Conductor-less Orchestra for Organizations Practicing Collaboration2014/01/232014-01-23 06:40:18
Excerpt from The Faculty Meeting as Heart of the School, Jorgen Smit2014/01/232014-01-23 06:37:52
Review and Comments on “Collaborative Leadership”, an article by Arnoud DeMeyer of Cambridge, UK, about the trends affecting modern day organizations and the need for collaboration.2014/01/232014-01-23 06:31:39
The Conductor less Orchestra, H Seifter2014/01/232014-01-23 06:30:27
Jazz and Collaboration, A Cho2014/01/232014-01-23 06:28:50
From Co-Creation to Association, John Bloom2014/01/232014-01-23 05:32:17
Building a Culture of Leadership, Learning and Service in a Waldorf School Community (Chris Schaefer PhD)2014/01/232014-01-23 05:18:55
Misconceptions about Waldorf Education, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 00:16:12
The Waldorf Movement as Potent Social Force, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 00:14:08
Working Together, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 00:12:01
Broad Based Funding for Waldorf Schools, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/232014-01-23 00:01:30
Private Funding, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 23:58:57
Self Administration, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 23:56:52
Waldorf World School Assn, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 21:04:01
Founding of the First Waldorf School, G lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 21:00:56
The Threefold Nature of Social Life, G Lamb from The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 04:58:38
The Social MIssion of Waldorf Education, G Lamb2014/01/222014-01-22 04:25:14
Wellsprings of the Art of Education- Three Reversals, C Wiechert2014/01/222014-01-22 02:29:16
Administrative Forms and Lists, D Mitchell et al from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 02:04:47
Board of Trustees, A Dancy from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 00:40:53
Working Together, C Pieterse from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/222014-01-22 00:37:00
Evaluation, D Mitchell, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:54:47
Community Relations and Outreach, C Pietzner, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:51:16
Admissions and Parent Education, A Mitchell from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:48:02
Administrative Roles, D Alsop, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:45:50
Committee Structure, S Van Sant, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:43:56
The College of Teachers, J Pewtherer from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:34:04
The Faculty Meeting, by T Finser, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA2014/01/202014-01-20 23:22:03
The Art of Administration, D Mitchell et al, AWSNA Publications2014/01/202014-01-20 23:10:17
Work Song, part 2: A Vision2014/01/202014-01-20 21:52:59
The Basic Qualities of Collaboration2014/01/202014-01-20 21:50:53
LeadTogether: The Practice of Collaboration2014/01/202014-01-20 21:48:59
The Art of Administration: Edited by D Mitchell, AWSNA Publications2014/01/162014-01-16 20:13:24
Democracy in Education: Kevin Avison reviews an article by Phillip Woods2014/01/162014-01-16 02:37:18
AWSNA Effective Practices: Contents2014/01/142014-01-14 10:12:26
Useful Links2014/01/142014-01-14 09:58:06
The Spiritual Impulse of Waldorf Education – Jorgen Smit2014/01/102014-01-10 20:04:27
Developing a Culture of Leadership, Learning and Service in Waldorf Schools – Chris Schaefer2014/01/082014-01-08 23:14:19
Quality Considerations in Waldorf Education: An essay by Kevin Avison, SWSF UK2013/12/262013-12-26 18:56:56
Editorial Policies2013/12/012013-12-01 19:12:00
And Who Shall Teach the Teachers? A compilation by the Pedagogical Section Council published by AWSNA Publications2013/11/222013-11-22 19:13:28
From Co-creation to Association: A Social Challenge for the New Economy by John Bloom2013/11/222013-11-22 18:43:52
Waldorf Graduate Study finds Waldorf Grads tend to study and pursue careers in science2013/11/072013-11-07 16:52:16
Austrian Research Institute Recommends Waldorf schools as models for teaching science2013/11/072013-11-07 16:38:01
Vision In Action: Working with Soul and Spirit in Small Organizations: C Schaefer and T Voors2013/11/072013-11-07 03:51:48
Lead Together Interview with Elan Leibner: Working with the Spirit in a School.2013/11/062013-11-06 21:34:31
Nobel Prize Awarded to Waldorf Graduate.2013/10/082013-10-08 17:06:40