A Note from China – LeadTogether Highlight #11, 11/5/14

Dear Friends,

This week I am in Xi'an China teaching in the Waldorf Administrative Training with Chris Schaefer and Ben Cherry. 80 participants from schools throughout China are gathered at the training center in Xi'an for a two week course in school administration, organization and development.The students are inspiring - young (only a handful in their 40's), many  new to Waldorf Education, bright with lots of questions and insights, and very open and enthusiastic.  There was a presentation tonight about Waldorf in Taiwan, the fastest growing Waldorf movement anywhere. There is an amazing amount of interest and initiative in China right now related to Waldorf Education. There was a good article in the New Yorker recently and another one in Renewal (see here).I am gradually getting to know participants and the culture through watching the students work and play together, struggle with deep questions and be open and willing to explore inner work, group biography  work and organizational ideas.

I am looking forward to sharing more when I return. For now, take a look at the two articles if you haven't, they both are good descriptions of the mood and initiative here. (Click here for article)