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Shifting Ground May 2020

Dear Friends,

In these challenging times of upheaval and disruption, we are faced with much individual and collective doubt, fear, and anxiety. Time is both speeding us and slowing down simultaneously and we are feeling the effects of how materialistic thinking has affected our lives, our thinking, our social structures, and our culture, often with serious consequences to individuals, communities, and the natural world. At the same time, we are seeing the highest in human beings stepping forward to take courageous initiative to help others.

Rudolf Steiner offered numerous suggestions for facing the challenges that we would meet in our individual and cultural development in these times. He spoke about how to overcome nervousness or anxiety; how to work against fear; how to stay centered; how to work with the light in dark times; how to develop imagination and thinking with the heart.

I have added articles addressing these topics to the resources in hopes they may be of value. You can find them here.

This global crisis provides us with a real opportunity to try to look beyond the immediate disruption, to review our lives, and to regain a sense of order and harmony in our lives - at home, with the family, and in our communities.

We encourage you to take any moment you can to center yourself, remind yourself of what you truly value, and what is important and join with others to engage in courageous initiatives of compassionate service.

I hope you are safe, healthy, and taking care.

Keep in touch,

Michael Soule



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1.1 Collaboration

1.2 Sustainability

1.3 School as Living Entity

1.4 Making Consensus Work

1.5 The Art of Planning Meetings

1.6 Healthy Conversation, Communication and Agreements

1.7  Keys to Healthy Mentoring Programs 

2.1  The Art of Being a Mentor

2.2 Exploring Accountability

2.3 Renewing Governance

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CURRENTS: Looking towards summer 2020

Announcing Summer 2020 Intensives

Our summer course goes online. Join us July 13-17 or July 20-24, 2020

  • Same great teachers, content and participants.
  • Two date options.  Choose the week that works best for you.
  • A new element has been added:  monthly class calls throughout the year to touch in, share questions and insights, and study together.
  • Special pricing for the summer course - $500.

Discounts for multiple participants from a school.  Contact us

Collaborative Governance, Engaging the World,

 and the Art of Administration in the

Evolving Waldorf School:

Principles, Practices, and Polarities

Including explorations into

Self-Administration and Collaboration

Phases of Administrative Development and Leadership

Our Dialogue with the World:

Marketing, Enrollment, Finance and Development

A New Imagination for Partnership Governance:

Administration, Board and Faculty Relationships


Presentations, Case Studies, Discussion Groups, Inner Work, Artistic Work, Group Work

Join with either our Whidbey Island Cohort July 20-24 or our Hawthorne Valley Cohort July 13-17.

If you would like to learn more, check out our website at www.LeadingwithSpirit.org  

In these weeks we will dive down deep into the principles and practices of an effective administration in the context of collaborative governance - the relationship between visioning, planning, and management; the guiding principles that inform and provide alignment for committees, groups, and teams in the school.  Together we will explore ideas, study our schools through casework, do biography work, practice inner development, build collegial relationships, practice the arts, and spend time in nature (separately).

We still have spaces open for both intensives and invite you to join us in a refreshing, renewing, revitalizing journey into the “forest of transformation.”

Your colleagues at Leading with Spirit

Lisa Mahar, Mara White, Chris Schaefer, Michael Soule, Marti Stewart, Sian Owen Cruise

IN FOCUS: Newsletter: Renewing Governance

Check out our other newsletters on Collaboration, Mentoring, Communications, (and 10 others) along with over 200 articles focusing on Leadership, Collaboration and Waldorf School Administration in our resources section.

  • Renewing GovernanceJuly 9, 2015 - 7:44 am

    Renewing Governance More and more organizations are seeking to find new governance structures and practices that support a balance between individual creativity and organizational harmony and effectiveness. This was the case 100 years ago when the first Waldorf School was founded. In the past 100 years, we have had the benefit of a great deal […]

  • Understanding Governance by Michael SouleJuly 9, 2015 - 6:48 am

    Understanding Governance by Michael Soule   Every organization struggles with the question of how to establish and maintain good governance. Even the definition of  governance can be a challenge. Just like the descriptors  “environmental” or “sustainable” can mean different things, so too can the term “governance”. Nevertheless, we as leaders must constantly strive to understand […]

  • Governance Models, An Essay by Nathan Garber with Reflections by Michael SouleJuly 9, 2015 - 5:07 am

    Reflections on Nathan Garber’s Article on Governance Models The article below by Nathan Garber is a good review and summary of the basic typical models of governance in organizations and the role that boards play in the different models. In Waldorf schools, there are many variations of governance models with most following a variation on […]

  • Self Administration and Governance in Waldorf Schools, Chris SchaeferJuly 9, 2015 - 4:09 am

    III   Self-Administration and Governance in Waldorf Schools   Seek the real practical life but seek it in a way that does not blind you to the spirit working in it. Seek the spirit but do not seek it out of spiritual egoism, from spiritual greed, but look for it because you want to apply […]

  • Personal Reflections on Waldorf School Governance and Effective Practices, Lynn KernJuly 9, 2015 - 3:33 am

        Personal Reflections on Governance: The Eleven Keys to Success Lynn Kern   The research into School Governance is one of the most widely anticipated topics in the long history of the Effective Practices research project. Schools have been struggling with the questions of how best to organize themselves and manage their affairs so […]