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SUMMER 2018 Review

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago we finished our second of two leadership training this summer, one on Whidbey Island at the Waldorf school, and one in Ghent, NY at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, (hosted by the Alkion teacher education program.) This year, twenty-six people completed summer intensives and seven participants are continuing in the year-round program. Leading with Spirit has offered a total of nine summer intensive trainings involving some 75 school leaders over the past five years.

The opportunity to spend a week with colleagues, to explore deeper questions of collaboration, school organization, and leadership, to share case studies, to move and play together, and to practice inner work is a true gift and can be deeply renewing, both personally and professionally.

One participant stated, “I have multiple degrees and have done lots of trainings over the years. This one week was the most transformative of them all.”

We continue to be grateful that we can share this work, inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner and shaped by many who have taken up the task of helping human beings progress on their path towards meeting the challenges of our times and realizing their highest potential.

In the coming year, in addition to mentoring and advising participants in our program and planning for next summer, we are exploring the possibility of offering shorter regional weekend gatherings for school leaders focused on various aspects of the art of “Leading with Spirit” in our schools.

If you are interested in this new work or would like to keep in touch with Leading with Spirit activities throughout the year, please contact Michael at mhsoule@gmail.com or 206-245-0100.

Many thanks to my colleagues at Leading with Spirit,

Lisa Mahar, Keene

Marti Stewart, Minneapolis

Mara White, Boston

Sian Owen-Cruise, Ann Arbor

Chris Schaefer, Great Barrington

Keep in touch,

Michael Soule



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