Sustainability: Enrollment and Fundraising

5. Waldorf Movement Successes to Strengthen Enrollment and Fundraising

 It is generally true that schools with more students have a stronger financial picture and that schools that are more effective at development work and fundraising also feel a reduction in the pressure that high tuitions place on parents. While these two areas, enrollment and fundraising, are important, they alone will not solve the primary financial challenges of schools. Nonetheless, we must do all that we can to increase our success in both areas. There are numerous resources available to help schools strengthen their approaches to fundraising and enrollment. One handbook created by AWSNA is a good starting place on Fundraising. (read) A recently published book on achieving full enrollment by Siegfried Finseris also helpful. Both these topics will be covered more in depth in future newsletters.

This is a continuation from the article Seven Keys to Sustainability in the April 2014 LeadTogether Newsletter.