Sustainability: History of Funding for Waldorf Schools

6.  The history and challenges of school financing in the Waldorf Movement

It is essential to have an understanding of the history and context for the challenges of funding for Waldorf Education since the beginning. Gary Lamb has collected, in the early chapters of his book, The Social Mission of Waldorf Education, a clear and concise history of the first Waldorf School and its financial life. Werner Glas outlines some of the unique challenges for Waldorf schools in his article from Administrative Explorations, sharing some insights about Steiner’s insights about the Economic life and its relationship to schools.

Social Mission- Ch 2 Founding of first Waldorf School

Social Mission- CH 3 Finances in Early Years

Social MIssion- CH 4 World School Assn

Social Mission- Ch 16 Broad Based Funding for WS

Underlying Themes in the Economics of Waldorf Schools by Werner Glas


This is a continuation from the article Seven Keys to Sustainability in the April 2014 LeadTogether Newsletter.