Sustainability: Government Funding

4.  Government Support and Charter Schools’ Work to Reach a Wider Population.

In some countries, the separation between public funding and independent schools is less of an issue that in the US. In Australia and Canada, for instance,  independent schools operate with significant support from the government. The newsletter article by Tracey Puckeridge explores the dynamics of government funding in Australia. One response to the limitations of tuition based funding and being able to reach a more diverse range of socio-economic levels in the US has grown from the movement for public charter schools based on Waldorf education. This movement was founded with a social gesture to overcome financial hurdles for parents. There are now 38 charter schools inspired by Waldorf in 12 states. Their experience in trying to operate a Waldorf inspired school in the government bureaucratic and regulatory environment and lessons they have learned are important.

This is a continuation from the article Seven Keys to Sustainability in the April 2014 LeadTogether Newsletter.