Creative Approaches to Tuition: Accessible to All Tuition Model

INTRODUCTION from the ATA Handbook

In fall 1993, the Waldorf School of the Peninsula in Los Altos, California, started a tuition adjustment program based on a commitment to make Waldorf education accessible to all families who  value  it.    An  article,  “Reality  and  Process”,   presented  at  the  West  Coast  Economic Conference in spring 1993, was the initial inspiration for this program.  Although other Waldorf schools  have  adopted  this  model and  made  modifications,  Waldorf School  of  the  Peninsula’s tuition adjustment program is note worthy for having successfully sustained the original program for more than ten years and having contributed significantly to the spiritual and social growth and economic stability of the school.

The following article connects independent Waldorf schools accessible to all with Rudolf Steiner’s basic principles in the founding of the first Waldorf school in 1919.   The second section of the article  provides  details  of  the  implementation  of  a  tuition  policy  and  program  based  on accessibility to all.


ATA Handbook for Peninsula School

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