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The Art of Administration, D Mitchell et al, AWSNA Publications

The Art of Administration is a compilation of articles covering basic topics in Waldorf school administration. It is one of the most read and referred to handbooks on Waldorf Administration. The table of contents is below with links to the various chapters TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction    David Mitchell      . . . . . . […]

Work Song, part 2: A Vision

As Wendell Berry offers in his poem VISION, the journey is its own reward. –MS If we will have the wisdom to survive, to stand like slow growing trees on a ruined place, renewing, enriching it… then a long time after we are dead the lives our lives prepare will live here, their houses strongly […]

The Basic Qualities of Collaboration

In every area of human endeavor, leaders are understanding better and better how to support the healthy development of the individual while building relationships that further the mission and effectiveness of the group or organization. In both hierarchical as well as horizontal organizations, inspired leaders are discovering and practicing new approaches to organizational management that […]

LeadTogether: The Practice of Collaboration

At the heart of Waldorf Education is an imagination of a better world through human beings’ conscious collaboration with one another, the natural world and the spirit. Its founder, Rudolf Steiner, looked into the future and saw that, in order to combat an age of growing materialism and self centeredness, a new approach to education […]

Democracy in Education: Kevin Avison reviews an article by Phillip Woods

Leadership and Governance in Waldorf Education REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC There is a general view that Waldorf school are purely "republican" organisations. The following review of Philip Woods book challenges that idea. I think the schools need democracy in order to be republican. In my view Ernst Lehr's little essay has resulted in misunderstandings that sometimes cost our schools […]

AWSNA Effective Practices: Contents

Over the last 20 years, AWSNA has compiled a broad range of resources related to effective practices in schools. Each Effective Practices module has background information and responses by exemplary schools about various aspects of their operations. These modules are available to members of affiliated schools on the AWSNA website and generally on teh web […]

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Waldorf Organizations Why Waldorf Works: AWSNA Website: Effective Practices Online Waldorf Library (OWL) A project of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education Research Institute for Waldorf Education WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Assn.) Friends of Waldorf Education  Germany Pedagogical Section, Dornach European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (UK)  International Assn. for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood […]

The Spiritual Impulse of Waldorf Education – Jorgen Smit

In this first chapter in the book "The Child, Teacher and Community" provides a clear overview of the spiritual dimension of waldorf schooling. " Waldorf education is a very concrete, dense reality, a human reality .  I am not speaking of perfection or lack of perfection, but actually a concrete, dense, human reality .  It is […]

Developing a Culture of Leadership, Learning and Service in Waldorf Schools – Chris Schaefer

This essay was adapted from a talk given at a Leadership Symposium at Camphill Soltane, January 26-28, 1996: “Leadership in the Culture of Anthroposophical Organizations.” It also appears in Partnerships of Hope: Building Waldorf Schools and Other Communities of the Spirit. The following excerpt from the essay provides a foundation for a new perspective on […]