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Working Together, C Pieterse from The Art of Administration, AWSNA

In this essay, Cornelius explores the deeper aspects of working together in organizations and dealing with the conflicts that arise in relationships. Read the article here:  Art of Administration -Ch 9 - Working Together - C Pieterse   Many thanks go to AWSNA for its support of this publication, and to the Research Bulletin and […]

Evaluation, D Mitchell, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA

  The administration of every Waldorf School has a professional responsibility for implementing some form of evaluation procedure. The purpose of evaluation is to affirm that you are doing what you say you want to do as an individual, as a student, or as an organization.  Evaluation provides an objective state- mentthatcanleadtogrowth,increased confidence,andinterpersonalsharing. This chapter […]

Administrative Roles, D Alsop, from The Art of Administration, AWSNA

In many Waldorf Schools, the process of addressing these tasks and responsibilities has led to, among others, the positions of Administrator, Business Manager and Development Officer. This chapter will attempt to explore some aspects of each of these functions. Sample job descriptions can be found in the appendix. Art of Administration - Ch 5 - […]