Vision In Action: Working with Soul and Spirit in Small Organizations: C Schaefer and T Voors

This new revised edition of Vision in Action is a workbook for those involved in social creation -- in taking initiatives that influence the social environment in which we live and where one's ideas and actions can matter. The social world is a humanly created world. In developing any enterprise -- whether a small business, an educational center, service institution, co-op, or a volunteer program -- what and how we do something makes a difference. Against the background of the historical and organizational context of such initiatives, the authors have put together a workbook for people involved in the adventure of social creation. Chapters include: Starting Initiatives; Getting Going; Ways of Working Together; Vision, Mission and Long-Range Planning; Fund-raising; and Imagination for the Future. Exercises, case studies, and questionnaires are included. This is a basic tool for anyone called to do something in the world.

How can we foster the development of initiatives? How can enterprises such as community projects, schools, farms, and businesses be well founded? How can we work as equals, sharing responsibilities, encouraging each other in our development, and offering a high quality product or service? Vision In Action: Working With Soul And Spirit In Small Organizations is a workbook for those involved in social creation, in collaborative deeds that can influence the social environment in which we live and where our ideas and actions can matter. Vision In Action is a user-friendly, hands-on guide for developing healthy small organizations, organizations with soul and spirit. Vision In Action covers starting initiatives, getting going, ways of working together, funding initiatives, vision, mission, long-range planning, and fund raising. --Midwest Book Review

Vision in Action


"This book is excellent - a well-written exposition of organizational development and the problems that groups tend to encounter as they progress. I highly recommend it to anyone in the field." Caroline Estes, Co-Founder of Alpha Farm and Master Facilitator
"This well thought-out book breathes life into the worn-out concept of vision. One finds in it an elivening imagination of how to develop new initiatives..." Robert Michael Burnside, Director, Organizational Development Products, Center for Creative Leadership
"This is a very helpful book, full of examples, exercises, and case studies. The last section, Signs of Hope, describes many wonderful ways in which we are indeed creating a better world. Read it!" Rachael Flug, CEO, Diaperwrapss Inc
"Socially-oriented initiatives and small organizations play a vital role in a healthy, evolving society. 'Vision in Action' offers important and practical perspectives that capture this essence". Will Brinton, President of Woods End Laboratory.
"Many readers will find 'Vision' a valuable source of inspiration and help" James Robertson
"'Vision in Action' explores and facilitates the vital process of social innovation" Hazel Henderson, author of Building a Win-Win World; Life Beyond Economic Warfare.