LeadTogether Highlight #2 8-25-14, Core Principles of Waldorf Education

Highlight 2, 8-25-14


Dear Colleagues


What are the core principles of Waldorf Education? Members of the Pedagogical Section Council in N. America discussed this question over the past year. The result is a set of seven principles that can inform and enliven our conception of our task as teachers and school leaders. These principles are easily accessible and valuable in stimulating research and discussion about our central tasks in our schools. They are not set in stone, but are seen more as living ideals that will continue to evolve and refine as people work with them. Here is the first one to get you started. Find the rest in our resource center here.

  1. Image of the Human Being: The human being in its essence is a being of Spirit, soul, and body. Childhood and adolescence, from birth to twenty-one, are the periods during which the Spirit/soul gradually takes hold of the physical instrument that is our body. The Self is the irreducible spiritual individuality within each one of us, which continues its human journey through successive incarnations.


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